Our Story


Nice Collection is a premium fashion and lifestyle brand. We have employees worldwide that work hard to ensure the quality of our products. A fascination for fashion isn’t the only thing that our staff have in common; we also want to inspire people with our work. Nice Collection is a name powered by pride, passion, possibility, and unlimited ambition.

We take responsibility not only for our own products but also for the people who develop, produce and sell them. We are therefore committed to respecting human rights along our entire value chain and expect the same from our employees, business partners and third parties that are directly or indirectly related to Nice Collection.


At Nice Collection we take responsibility for our business conduct- whether in regards to our products, the people we interact with, or our environmental impact. We are devoted to environmental protection, human rights and in particular labour rights; we ALWAYS encompass our sustainability principles in everything we do.

When it comes to our products, in addition to design, quality, durability, and innovation, we place a great deal on maintaining high health and environmental standards. We source the most sustainable materials possibile, and treat them as efficiently as we can. We adhere to a strict selection criteria across a number of factors, including animal welfare, species conservation, climate protection, and chemical management.

In order to protect the environment and climate, we are committed to and are taking the appropriate measures to introduce and further develop more environmentally friendly processes. The goal is to improve the environmental footprint of our entire value chain, including our sites, production and logistics.

100% of our cotton comes from sustainable sources, in accordance with BCI standards. 100% of our product range consists of RESPONSIBLE styles, GRS certified.


Nice Collection products are produced in our own AI factory in China; the entire process is guaranteed to be humane, safe, and fair. These are the foundations of the Nice Collection Code of Conduct, which the company and all suppliers pledge to follow. We have defined a minimum standard for suppliers in countries where local laws have weaker provisions and are a prerequisite for collaboration with Nice Collection.


Around 1000 people work for Nice Collection- the company has a responsibility to each and every one of them. This is why we promote a fair, open corporate culture where motivation is part of everyday work. To achieve this, we strive to recruit the best employees, and continue to inspire, support, and empower them, and build trusting, long-term creative relationships.