How to look fashionable as a wedding guest with Maxi dress?

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Shopping for a casual wedding in Australia? Maxi dress from ‘Nice Collection’ will be a great choice for a classic wedding guest. What is a maxi dress? A maxi dress is a long casual dress usually falls to the ankles or to the floor. Maxi dresses are designed to be tight-fitted at the top with a loose flowing bottom. With a plus of easy to wear long dress, maxi dress wins the race as wedding guest attire. Whether it is summer or winter, a daytime or evening occasion, there are various ways you could wear the maxi dress to suit your style and shape.

Why maxi dress is a must –have attire as a wedding guest?

To take to the floor a timeless classic coverage a maxi dress is a must have attire for a wedding guest. With a floating silhouette design maxi dress offers a fanciful, romantic and aesthetic look. 

Maxi dress collections at Nice Collection:

  1. Gathered maxi dress:

Give a try with viscose material in maxi dress for perfect backyard wedding. The gathered maxi dress made of 100% viscose material designed in Melbourne, Australia at Nice Collection will give an exquisite look in Australian weddings. The dark navy colored maxi dress and gathered at the waist band with elastic tape forms relaxed fit and is perfect for wedding guests. Shop Now


  1. Tied V-neck dress:

The tied V-neck dress is a perfect wedding guest wear during a summer wedding. With 100% cotton composition white in colored maxi dress and designed as a sleeveless with gathered tiers suits you perfectly as a guest of wedding affair, to spend a night on the town or even if you love to lounge around Australia. In summery white, Nice Collection recommends this dress for both formal and casual events as temperature soars. Shop Now

  1. Puff Sleeved maxi dress:

The completely lined 100% cotton composed puff sleeved maxi dress with crew neckline in yellow printed max dress offers an elongated frame look with a pair of sandals and a leather bag.  Shop Now

Styling tips to be followed to maxi-mize your elegancy!

* Make sure your maxi dress just grazes the floor with a lengthening for an elongated frame. But you should be able to see some toes and sandals as well

* If attending an outdoor wedding with a maxi dress try a block heels to avoid sinking into the ground

* Maxi dresses are pretty casual with cute sandals or flip flops

* Keep minimum accessories

* Wear statement earrings for a ravishing look

* Choose your hairstyle wisely, the choices are endless

* Prefer a light make-up to keep your skin fresh, oil-free and long lasting

* Experiment with floral designs and lacy patterns

Rock the trend in Australia with maxi dresses from Nice Collection:

Maxi dresses are really chic to wear to elevate a gorgeous lady in you! Have a wedding to attend? Love to sport as a wedding guest in a maxi dress? Time to shop then! Grab your stylish maxi dresses from Nice Collection!